Conical Shell

Ripe pursed lips

Parry the everyday blows

Suckerpunch daisies for a kiss

Crack cracked winter gifts

Hugging the known too tight

For fear of the fear of flight

Surely your mettle

Will better you



Here look where I found…

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One day soon I’ll make my mark

I’ve wished too long and worked too hard

I’m hoping for someone to find me

You’re forced to forget what it means

Falling til you fold to your knees

Just keep moving forward

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Nothing at all

I'm so fuckin sad and lonely
Need somebody here to hold me
But shit! I ain't got nobody
So I'ma find a chemical
A chemical, to smother me
In all nothing, at all

Nothing at all
Nothing at all

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Fallen Apart

When you no longer find me funny
When we just stopped talking
When we lost our common
When life gets boring
When checking in becomes a chore
When you’re done being interested
When the house begins to feel too small…

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Pathetic Paradise

Capitalize my life
I've been start at the bottom writing
Before my mind capsize
Truth is I'm always fighting
Psychosis realise
Ask the crew for better lighting
It's raining inside, it's raining inside
It's raining inside, it's raining inside


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Why Did You Go?

People are already walking in my house
And she's gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
Feels weird letting go
Too fast, moving slow
The furniture walks itself outside to someone else's home
The house empties out around me like smoke…

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I woke up irresponsible
You want what you don't have
I grew far too consumable
Say got the hole? buy, buy to fill it
Spent all my time diggin' a hole
Tryna fly too high, I'm swimming
In other people's…

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Pretty Please

Find me pretty find me pretty find me pretty do please
Say I'm amazing (it's more of a boy than a man thing)
I guess
This forever searching for the confirmation
Of success, please
Of success, please
A plump little…

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Wide Awake

See, we gotta realise we're the bulldozer and the meat grinder
Not the faith giver, not the saintly figure with a halo and white light
We're the dumb fuck, shit stained and blind drunk
Taking as we like

Chuck the…

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Pleasure Seekers

We'll loot the skies, in hopes of finding our salvation, out here
Forever wander, ever searching, never knowing
Leaving scars across the universe
So don't lose you and become, another stat in the system
O' you're a paradox personified, living…

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