30 minutes early was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Lewis Jones for UMG's "Center Stage". It was a surreal experience, having written the song days prior then seeing it come together so quickly, in such a legendary studio. Collaborating with Em was a vulnerable, but wonderful experience. She adds so much to the song, I am still surprised every time her vocal appears. The song is bleakly hopeful, hopefully bleak? I don't know, it deals with some pretty intense subject matter and I think finds some beauty there, or at least (I hope) a little catharsis.

30 minutes early is the first of 6 singles I will release over the next 12 months, promoted by a summer open mic/busking tour all across the UK raising awareness of, and fundraising for, Music Venue Trust and Music Minds Matter. With an accompanying travel vlog focused on grassroots venues and promoting other independent musicians I meet.