I'm a London born singer-songwriter living in the New Forest, with an eclectic but immediately recognisable sound, influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley, The Maccabees, Fiona Apple, early Kings of Leon.  

I began releasing music in mid-2022 and quickly found an online audience, with positive reviews, podcast interviews, and airplay, including BBC Introducing.

At the end of 2023 I had the opportunity to record several tracks at Abbey Road Studios, and perform at the Savoy, as part of UMG and Fairmont’s ‘Center Stage’.

I am releasing at least 6 new singles over the next 12 months, and this summer I am undertaking an open mic/busking/festival tour of the UK, with an accompanying travel vlog focused on grassroots venues and the other independent musicians I meet. Raising awareness of and fundraising for ‘Music Venue Trust’ and ‘Music Minds Matter’.



My songs are about confusion, delusion, love, drugs, a whole mess of GET THE POISON OUT stream-of-consciousness. Getting naked in public, and not in a jumping out of the bushes and waggling myself way, more a kind of therapy. With all my weird, illogical, damaged, ugly parts on display.


To be seen.

So I see you, so you see me.

That, and a pathological need for affirmation.

Revealing yourself without a filter has value. That’s why honest, artistic expression is so important. It shows us we are not alone. Music matters.

Also, guitars are objectively cool.